How credible are their vehicle suppliers? Ask the question!

This is really important for you to understand and you have the right to ask.

Ask for a copy of your policy that covers the car you are driving.

The company should always be able to explain this to you. There are very specific costs that the fee covers.

You have all the right to ask for proof of this.

Ask what your vehicle deal includes and for what period of time.

This is important. Make sure its a major company.

Naturally your vehicle must be immediately returned but the company must hold it for at least 5 days out of pure goodwill in order for you to make right on your rental payment.

If its a Rent to Buy deal then you can ask at any time for an offer to purchase the car. We can assist you with finance too through our market-leading partners.

We take huge risk away from our clients by taking care of services, all insurance, tracking and even 24 hour roadside assistance. We also allow clients to come in and chat to us if they lose their jobs whereby they can give a 45 day notice period and if their accounts are up to date and their vehicle is in good condition, they may just hand the keys back and walk away.

Rent to Buy companies take a huge risk as their clients are unfortunately already high risk. We also bolt-on very comprehensive insurance and service or maintenance plans for our clients which are very expensive but very convenient for clients. Last but not least, we offer 48 months deals whereby the banks sometimes drag a deal out over 72 months with a balloon payment still due!

NO! This term is completely illegal unless they can send you their valid financial services licence. Without this, your contract is a major risk.

A car is a massive depreciating item. Once you eventually own a car after years of bank payments or if you choose to buy your Rent to Buy vehicle it will have probably halved in value and have no maintenance plan or service plan or warranty. That’s just insane to want to own. A full maintenance long term Rent to Buy product means we save you all of these worries and risks and you get into a new updated car every year or two.

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