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About Us

More about Ezlend Wheels and what we offer you

About Our Company

EZLend South Africa is here.

Never before has renting a premium vehicle been easier and more manageable.

We pride ourselves on our dynamic highly personalized approach to motoring solutions. Everyone is different and so are their respective needs – We in turn recognize this fact and assist our clients by recognizing their personal circumstances in an attempt to tailor a case by case solution.

Our long term rental products and Rent to Buy options are designed to make for a stress free experience whereby our clients have massive flexibility at all times.

There really is no other name in the industry that offers the level of personal service and attention to detail that EZLend SA does.

  • R3125 back after 6 months! (Ts & Cs apply)
  • Speedy 48 hour turnaround time
  • Anytime vehicle upgrade or downgrade options
  • Free upgrade every 6 months on certain deals
  • 48 hour assist on all vehicles
  • 45 day cancellation option (No cancellation fee)
  • Full maintenance plan on ALL vehicles (Most competitors only offer a service plan – Beware!)
  • Huge Range of high-quality vehicles both new and used
  • Fully Branded Fleet Rental Solutions for new company startups
  • Backed by industry leaders only
  • Revolutionary Client Management Systems that assist clients insurance costs substantially
  • Strict Codes of Conduct and Ethics
39598925 - female car agent giving key to male customer for test drive. partnership and contract signing.

""Our clients all have individual needs based on their individual set of circumstances. We acknowledge this and endeavour to treat each and every client accordingly.""


What Sets Us Apart

There are 3 factors that truly set EZLend South Africa apart.

Individualized approach to each and every client
We do not cast out the generic net when it comes to responding to our client’s unique demands. Each and every case is looked at upon its own merits.

Vehicle Quality and Choice
We are unmatched when it comes to the choices of quality new and used vehicles that we have on offer. Each and every used vehicle is sourced only from South Africas largest and most credible names.

Customer Service
We offer a host of customer specific solutions that are designed to save our clients as much time and money as possible without sacrificing convenience and peace of mind.

Individualized approach to each and every client
Vehicle Quality and Choice
Customer Service

We cover your insurance, warranties, maintenance and services during your long term rental agreement!

You may hand your vehicle back at anytime by giving us just 45 days notice!

You may purchase your rental during or at termination of your rental contract (available on certain deals only)